Seal Rescue Ireland

I have just concluded a few wonderful weeks at the seal rescue.  There were about a dozen college student interns there as well, and many volunteers.  When I arrived we had about 15 grey seals and one common seal.  All were found as pups, all with injuries and malnourished.  Sometimes the pups get separated from mom, or on occasion mothers will abandon pups.  When people come across them, they call the center, and someone checks out the situation to see if the pup should come in.  Of the pups that make it to the center, there is a 96% survival rate.  In addition to the obvious benefit of giving a pup a chance, there are on going studies done on the pups and an education center.  About 10 pups were released while I was there, and there is nothing more wonderful than seeing those healthy pups scurry back to the sea and play in the water.  All are tagged so the center can be contacted if someone comes across one.  Committed people do great work at Seal Rescue Ireland.untitled-8222-2untitled-8215untitled-8214untitled-8207release-9232Above-Release day! Black Panther headed to sea.untitled-8559release-9196release-9175Above-release.untitled-8509untitled-8416untitled-8554Above, “Chewbacca”-very vocal, quickly became a favorite of mine. An eye injury has left him with limited vision in one eye, but he should do fine.


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